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Catch Pit and Soakaway Cleaning

Essential Maintenance

It is essential that catch pits and soakaways are regularly cleaned, in addition to the highway gullies, to reduce your risk of surface water flooding.

Blockages and Build-ups

A build-up of silt, leaves and other contaminates can cause blockages in your catch pits and soakaways, causing problems with your drainage system.

Solving Your Problem

We offer a service that not only identifies the problem, but also solves it. With our state of the art gully emptier’s, that jet up to a pressure of 2,000 psi, we can clear your catch pits and soakaways very quickly..
Our fleet of over 15 combination gully emptier’s  have been specifically designed to provide silt and debris suction, as well as water jetting, removing the waste and jetting the blockages clear in one operation.

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