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Highway Gully Cleansing

Gully Cleaning

From local authorities to highway services providers, we ensure your gullies are kept clean and safe, to reduce the risk of road flooding.

Surface Water Problems?

Kerbside drains and gullies capture any surface water run-off. If you’re experiencing problems with surface water flooding, you could have a blocked or damaged gully. By using a routine gully cleansing service you can ensure that your drains remain clean and your risk of flooding is minimised. By working closely with our customers to design planned maintenance programmes we deliver a cost effective and efficient service.

Our Fleet

Our fleet of over 15 gully cleansing wagons have been specifically designed so that they can provide both silt and debris suction, as well as water jetting. Each vehicle is fitted with 360 degree cameras on the front and back. All vehicles are tracked and are fitted with “cyclist alert” devices for urban areas. We have the capability to quickly move resources from county to county, allowing a rapid response to any urgent call-outs.

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