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GPS Drainage Solutions

We use the latest technology so that our customers are receiving the most effective solution. 

Using our GPS Drainage Solutions systems we can plot the asset which provides it with a GPS location. The date and time is recorded plus the levels of waste. This recorded information is valuable for any claims made.

The data can be exported and shared with our customers so they can evaluate the current situation and possible issues in the future.

To reduce flood risk we can monitor silt levels and advise customers where problem areas are – saving them money from potentially harmful damages.

We can track customers KPIs which can be tailored to each individual contract, providing them with the freedom to view performance data.

Jobs can be wirelessly communicated to the device and the system is used offline, making it much faster than similar systems. This helps ensure every job runs efficiently and smoothly. Problems can be recorded or photographed and sent direct to the client for further work to be scheduled.

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